A previous blog mentioned that asking the question

What does my …….. say about me?

is an effective way of having a reality check in various aspects of our life, our  image and our personal growth. In this series I will be filling the blank with different words and drawing conclusions from different possible answers. The question can assume greater significance based on the words we choose to fill the blank.

Answering the question – What do my shoes say about me? –  has fewer and less important consequences than answering the question – What does my life assurance portfolio say about me?

I’ve sat down with hundreds of people to discuss the fundamental issue of family protection. I can’t think of a single occasion when this vital issue had been given any serious thought.

Answering the question – What does my life assurance portfolio say about me?  – would require many people to answer:

  • “I’ve been neglectful”
  • “I’ve been procrastinating”
  • “I’ve put more value on my house contents than my life”
  • “I care very little about my family”
  • “I don’t believe I could die sooner than I’d chose!”

It’s quite sobering to reflect on what our answer would be. I’d like to throw in a suggestion of a satisfying answer into the fray!

Q. What does my life assurance portfolio say about me?
A. That I value my life and care deeply for my family.

I’ve heard many moving and inspirational speakers talk on the value of a well thought out family protection portfolio. I discovered a video that was made of one of those speakers, watching this should be made compulsory!


What does your life insurance portfolio say about you? Leave us a comment below.


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