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intentional, innovative & individual financial planning


Some things happen by accident. The best things happen with a little intention. A favourite metaphor of ours involves a ship drifting at sea. It is making its way somewhere, but probably not to where the passengers want to go. Life is a constant series of small adjustments. Without intention, will you end up where you want to be?


The world is constantly changing. People’s needs are changing. Their situations are increasingly complex. Products and strategies that worked 10 years ago might not be fit for purpose today. At iPlanning we are not afraid of change. Change is an opportunity to innovate.


Good advice should consider your specific needs and circumstances. We are committed to spending time getting to know you, ensuring we provide the right advice at every stage of your life. You will be assigned your own dedicated adviser who will take the lead in delivering our service to you and provide continuity throughout your journey with us.

How we work

We believe that partnering with a trusted adviser over the longer term is likely to increase the probability of achieving your goals and reduce the potential for things to go wrong.

We have limited capacity to partner with new clients and we think it is wise to make sure that any prospective new client relationship we enter is a good fit.

What we do

Partner with individuals, couples, families, to help them achieve their long term financial goals e.g. grow their wealth or retirement fund; plan their retirement income; transition into retirement; manage their wealth in retirement; transition their wealth to the next generation in an orderly and tax efficient manner.

What we don't do

Transactional or one-off pieces of work for people who aren’t partnered with us.

What about mortgages?

We have limited capacity to provide mortgage advice and priority is given to our existing mortgage and wealth management clients.

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Reach Us

Address: 6 College Street, Ammanford, SA18 3AF.

Telephone: 01269 594263


Office Hours

Staff work flexibly around a set of core hours when our telephone lines are open. Your adviser will be able to make individual arrangements with you outside these times.

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 3pm

Friday: 9am – 1pm