Two meetings in a week have reminded me of why we do what we do, and the part relationship plays in the process.

The first reminder came when a client turned to Aled and said: “it is twenty years this week that I first came to see you father.” He remembered the date because it was a week after he had retired. It was 20 years to the week that he was glad he resisted the pressure from a bank salesman who had been alerted to the big cheque he had deposited. It was twenty years ago that the decision to invest and not deposit was taken.

The journey had begun and the investment review last week, during which we discussed portfolio valuations that were beyond what we ever dreamed of achieving twenty years ago, was just one of dozens we have had over the past 20 years.

The meetings we have are not merely discussions on finance but on the holidays enjoyed, children and grandchildren and Blues music. Meetings with clients who have become friends, are satisfying moments.

A week later Tracy and I were meeting with clients who recalled that it was 29 years ago the relationship started. The journey began by helping them overcome the odds to purchase a house they thought was beyond their reach, a dream too far.

Twenty nine years later they still live in the house which became their home and where they raised two children. Our meeting contained an investment review and a creative discussion about how the dream of retirement could become reality sooner than when the state pension kicked in.

However our meeting also contained the harder conversation surrounding pursuing a critical illness claim following the diagnosis of cancer. A financial plan to purchase a home, create an investment portfolio and make financial independence possible needs to be built on a foundation of protecting the important things life; family, income and health – comprehensive wealth management!

Again our conversations over the years have not been limited to financial topics but to common rugby interests, the growth and development of our children and holiday adventures.

When we explain to new clients that we are here to provide leadership relationship and creativity, it’s nice to be reminded in meetings such as these just mentioned that those are not merely empty words.