Full length portrait of a man in pajamas sleepwalking with a pilA life lived intentionally is one lived with great purpose. Those who live intentionally are apparently more at ease and content with their actions and accomplishments than those who do not.

The alternative to an intentional life is one that is lived by just going through the motions, doing things without much forethought and following patterns developed over many years. Someone described it as ‘sleepwalking through life’.

At iPlanning we don’t believe that the precious life we have been given is one through which we should sleepwalk from day to day.

Living intentionally one of our core beliefs at iPlanning. Helping clients live more purposefully in every aspect of life is important to us. We are especially committed to helping clients to be intentional when it comes to their financial goals and objectives.

We are here to provide a wake up call to sleepwalkers and help them become intentional about the future steps they take. We don’t believe we can sleepwalk to financial health any more than we can to physical health. We don’t believe that we can sleepwalk to financial independence or to gaining financial control.

If sleepwalking is a more apt word than intentionality to describe your drive to financial freedom then maybe it’s time to give us a call and so that we can have an informal chat which could be the first step to avoiding looking back on life with regret!

Live intentionally if you believe the purpose of life is to live with purpose!

Question: Are you a sleepwalker? Leave us a comment below.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are those of the author only and are not necessarily those of I Planning Wealth Management Ltd. All material in this post should be considered as general information only and should in no way be construed as a recommendation of a specific product or course of action. Each circumstance is different and professional advice tailored to your circumstances should be sought from a qualified financial adviser.