It was a quiet launch! No massive marketing, no huge advertising campaign but a new launch nevertheless, iPlanning was afloat. What began as an idea, jottings on a notepad and diagrams on scraps of paper, has been crafted over long hard hours, into a fully fledged vessel and on October 3rd 2011, iPlanning Wealth Management raised anchor and set sail.

But what is iPlanning all about and why was a new venture necessary? We hope that these questions and many more will be answered in upcoming posts.

In short, iPlanning is designed to help you achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be. There is no way to avoid dealing with financial matters whether it is budgeting, borrowing, investing or targeting financial independence. We believe that those who look to us to partner with them on their financial journey will significantly increase their chances of arriving safely at their destination.

We hope that you will find immense value in visiting the blog, following us on twitter and liking us on facebook. By doing this we will be introducing you to our team of advisers, our core values and our plans to help clients achieve their hopes and dreams.

At iPlanning it is our desire to:

  • Live intentionally,
  • Embrace innovation and
  • Celebrate individuality.

What this means for us and our clients will be outlined in greater detail over the coming weeks.

Question: What are your previous experiences of financial advice firms? What services do you think they offer? Leave us a comment below.


All material in this post should be considered as general information only and should in no way be construed as a recommendation of a specific product or course of action. Each circumstance is different and professional advice tailored to your circumstances should be sought from a qualified financial adviser.