Whatever your dreams and ambitions, the probability that you will achieve your goals is almost invariably linked to your relationship with money. Consequently at iPlanning we believe that great financial advice should be central to shaping our clients’ futures and steering them toward their goals.

We believe there is value in getting quality advice from trusted financial advisers, and that this makes a real difference in our clients’ lives, giving them confidence that they are on course to a secure financial future.

Our advisers have over 50 years combined experience in the financial services industry and are committed to recognizing and maximizing the potential found in modern technology to provide a service of the highest quality. Aside from being qualified to give financial advice, our advisers strive to develop other important qualities such as providing leadership and creative problem solving.

Although we are based in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire and work predominantly with clients in South Wales, we have found that distance is no longer a barrier to developing effective and efficient partnerships with clients across the UK.

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At iPlanning we believe we can enhance the traditional approach to financial planning by striving to do the following three things.

  • Live intentionally
    Rarely do you achieve your goals by accident.
  • Embrace innovation
    Whenever it will improve our service to you.
  • Celebrate individuality.
    You are unique and this should be reflected in your financial plan.

We expand on this philosophy in our “iPlanning Proposition” page.

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