The iPlanning Proposition

There are many financial advice firms out there to choose from. Each firm has it’s own philosophy. What sets us apart? During the process of helping our clients achieve their financial goals we emphasize the importance of the following:

Living intentionally

We believe it important to be intentional in our approach to life as well as to financial planning. Living intentionally will:

  • Inject purpose to your plans
  • Reduce your exposure to chance
  • Prevent inevitable drifting through life – you will rarely drift to where you would like to go.

Embracing innovation

We want to harness and make the most of the planets only true natural resource.

In his book The Ultimate Resource, Julian Simon highlights a truth not readily recognized by most of us. He states that,

“human ingenuity is the only natural resource on the planet, and it alone makes everything else valuable”.

It sometimes seems that everything conspires against those who want to be innovative; ideas get stifled and the lid is put on ingenuity very quickly.

At iPlanning we want to embrace innovation whenever it helps serve our purposes and the interests of our clients. When creative juices begin to flow, we want to let them flow!

Celebrating individuality

Everybody is different. No single approach to financial planning will be the same for everybody. Recognizing our uniqueness and enjoying the diversity that comes from it is at the heart of the way we approach our clients. We strive to find the most suitable solutions to your specific goals, dreams and objectives.