The best way I can describe my portfolio of investments and deposits before being introduced to Wyn is unmanageable and unmanaged. There was no strategy or planning behind what I had and the amount of paperwork I was getting was silly. If you were to ask me what my investments and deposits amounted to I would not have been able to tell you – Unmanageable! The portfolio I had accumulated was a result of responding to bank promotions or acting in response to sales talk. I had ISA investments that were not performing and a pension fund going nowhere – Unmanaged! The stress of thinking about sorting things out meant that things never got sorted out.

When Wyn cast his eye over what I had he seemed to know very quickly what needed doing to make the situation more manageable and how my portfolio could be better managed. He indicated that the paperwork would drop dramatically, (but he did warn me that initially the paperwork would increase!) and that I would have a far better “grip” on what I had once the tidying up was done.

I can truly say that after the initial surge in paperwork I now find that I get very little paperwork and what I do get says far more about my investments than the freeloads of bumph I used to get. It is now very manageable. I am also amazed at how much more money I have made since it is being looked after.

I was first introduced to Wyn back in 2007 and have not had to stress over money matters since. This has been of great value to me as it has helped me cope with other stresses that have come my way.

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