This is an overview of the services we can provide. Everyone’s circumstances are different. The content on this page should be treated as information only and nothing on this page should be construed as advice on a specific product or course of action.

Financial Planning

We all need a plan. Whether we are living pay-cheque to pay-cheque, earning a six figure salary or somewhere in between, there will undoubtedly be matters that each of us need to address. Can’t work out where your money is going? Don’t know if you have or will have enough saved for retirement? Not sure what will happen to your accumulated wealth when you die? We can produce comprehensive reports which address all of these concerns and then we will create and implement a plan tailored for your needs. The main areas of financial planning are given below.

Savings and Investment

Depending on your circumstances, keeping your money on deposit may not be the most appropriate course of action. Inflation may be eroding the value of your capital over time. To meet your goals you may need to achieve a level of investment growth greater than could be achieved by keeping money on deposit. We do therefore ask our clients to consider whether they can afford not to invest? Investing some capital in collective investments will give your money a greater potential for growth. We can help you build a portfolio of investments which matches your attitude to risk. No investment is risk free and the value of your investment could go down as well as up.

Retirement Planning

Adequate retirement provision is more important than ever.  Many people believe that the state will provide for them when they retire, but relying on the state will almost certainly result in a significant drop in your standard of living when you retire. In addition many people find themselves with a confusing mixture of small pension contracts and are unsure how much they are worth. We can help you quantify your current pension provision and advice you on what you need to do in order to retire at your chosen retirement age with a standard of living you will be happy with.

Protecting yourself and those you love

Most people are far more likely to protect their possessions than their income or their life. This is somewhat strange if you think about it since a laptop, a mobile phone, a TV can all be replaced. But what happens if you lose your health and can’t work? How do you replace your income? Worse still, what happens if you lose your life? How does your family replace the income you provided?

Over the course of a 40 year working life, a worker earning £20,000 per annum will earn a total of £800,000 and this does not include the effects of inflation. In the event that you cannot work due to ill health, the state might replace a proportion of this, but if you intend to rely on the state you will be disappointed. Protecting such a large sum of money is surely more important than protecting a £500 mobile phone?

We encourage our clients to

Protect first that which you can least afford to lose.

We can help you ensure adequate financial provision should you lose your income, your health or in the event of your death, the financial security of those you leave behind.

Estate Planning

When you die, part of your estate could be subject to a hefty tax charge. With house prices far greater than they were 20 years ago, it is not just the ‘wealthy’ that find their estates valued above the governments inheritance tax threshold. We can help you determine your potential tax liability and plan ways to reduce the tax bill when you die.

Mortgage Advice

The mortgage world can be a confusing place and when if walk into a bank you will not get the whole picture. In a world full of jargon we can give you independent advice and help you find the mortgage that is best for your needs.