Very often we waste time and don’t accomplish things because we are waiting for someone’s permission to do something. Often that permission doesn’t come in time. Sometimes we are waiting for permission we don’t need but believe we need. At other times it’s because we don’t have the confidence or courage to just go ahead with something.

In a book that is strangely titled – It’s not about the tights, Chris Brogan explains why he regards permission as being one of the four most important elements of personal bravery. The bravery that fuels decision making, that empowers choices, and what gives us the life we intend to have. It’s a short book packed with information that can help us.

For many years if not for decades, there is an annual discussion on various radio talk shows in Wales on making March 1st, St Davids Day, a bank holiday in Wales! Opinions come from politicians, economists, teachers, parents retailers and so on. Some are in favour and some are not. However, being a small business owner I decided around 15 years ago that I didn’t need to wait for others to decide to pronounce St David’s Day an extra holiday. So each March 1st is now blanked out in the diary! I gave myself permission to announce an unofficial day off!

Is there anything you are waiting for permission to do that you could do without that permission?

Don’t wait for others to grant you this permission. Be brave. Take it for your own.

“Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another”

Are there things you are giving permission to that you shouldn’t? Be reminded of Ghandi’s famous quote –

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission”

Have a happy St David’s day – working or not!

Question: What are you waiting for permission to do?

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