Many opportunities in life are good, even great. That doesn’t mean we should pursue them. In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins says that once-in-a-lifetime opportunities come up every day. Most people take any great opportunity that comes their way, even if it’s not in alignment with their life vision. Consequently, most people’s lives are moving in a thousand different directions. They aren’t able to consciously move forward in a singular direction.

On the other hand, happy people say no to even amazing opportunities. They will not sacrifice freedom for security. They will not get derailed by distractions — even attractive distractions. They don’t lose sight of what’s important and what isn’t.

Very few things in life are best. You can only determine what’s best for you once you know where you want your life to go. Be careful not to continuously engage in good activities and miss the best ones.

At iPlanning we are reminding ourselves of the need to prioritise in 2017. We do so whenever we pit our tea or coffee mug on our new coasters. If you haven’t had one then contact the office and we’ll send you one.

Make 2017 a great one by prioritising and focusing in on the important.

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